Monday, April 13, 2009

Life goes on...

It speeds past us quick as lighting...That's as poetic as I get.

We are so busy...running all the time. I consciously try to slow down and take it easy but it's almost impossible! It doesn't help when you don't feel good either. Last week, I was soooooo dizzy all the time. I have never been that dizzy in my life!! It was horrible. I figured it had something to do with my new diet. (For those who don't follow my's not a fad weight loss diet, it's to get my pancreas and adrenal glands working again so I can go back to living!)
I called my naturopath and she said make sure you eat enough... eat protein every 2 hours. Well I've been much better since Saturday. Today I actually had enough energy to play with the kids!!! Yesterday we few kites!! I hope I keep climbing that slope!
Easter bunny was here yesterday..didn't leave anything for me but I stole a few from the kids ;-)
Rebecca was here to play with the kids today...they had loads of fun. Alex got a new bigger bike from Noémie, the neighbor who got a bigger bike. She got last year's purple Brats bike, it's like new!! She loves it...she didn't even want to bring her small one home! I'll take photos when I get a chance. Speaking of which, I'm downloading photos from my camera and the kids were at the Museum of Science and Technology with their Dad last week and I hadn't even seen the photos!! I'm shocked...Dad too really good photos!! Scrapbooking photos!! And Alex looks so old!!!

Museum of Science and Technology

Easter Egg Hunt

Kite Flying

Had enough kite flying...

Mellow day today

So folks...It's 10:10PM and I still have 5 loads of laundry to fold (did I mention Alex changes her clothes 5 times a day??), lunches, snacks and my special breakfast before I go to bed...I guess we're eating out for lunch tomorrow :-)

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